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About Art is Good

Art is Good is about “art” and “you.”  It is creative workshops which nurture expression and facilitate creativity through fine art. The focus is more on "what" you are making... your idea. Art is Good is like nothing you have ever experienced.

We hope to inspire each artist to recognize that they already have creativity in them and can make art for a living or just for themselves. Art is Good exists to: stoke confidence, help individuals grow as creative thinkers and to provide an environment to enjoy a shared creative experience. 

We teach that you cannot make art wrong, unless you do not make it. We teach that art is good.

About Puzzle Project

The “Puzzle Project” consists of thousands of 24"x 24" artistic puzzle pieces created in more than 20 states and 10 countries. The puzzle pieces are assembled together into a massive jigsaw puzzle art installation.

People of all ages from corporations, galleries, museums, arts groups, schools and non-profit organizations have created puzzle artwork to help form this historic collaboration. It is a simple way for each of us to express ourselves or tell a story with art.

You don’t have to be an artist to participate. There are no rules to how you make your puzzle piece. Like each of us, every puzzle piece is different. Together they create a large meaningful piece of collaborative art that is like nothing ever seen or exhibited.

The Puzzle Project offers each participant a multi-level creative experience:


Each participant has their own individual creative experience making meaningful puzzle art. You can make your puzzle piece any way or about anything YOU want.


Artists work together and enjoy a shared creative experience. Businesses and organizations utilize the Puzzle Project for team building. Support groups utilize it for healing. Schools use it for learning.  Communities utilize it to connect and collaborate.

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Participants assemble their pieces locally and celebrate them together.  Then they become part of something big by sending their jigsaw art to NYC to join the thousands of puzzle pieces from around the world in the massive collaborative installation.

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