The project consists of thousands of unique artistic puzzle pieces. It is a simple way for each of us to express ourselves and/or tell our own story with art. You don’t have to be an artist to participate, you just have to have something to say.

Each piece is a uniform 24 x 24” standard puzzle shape and die-cut from 3/8” white foam core. The pieces are assembled together into a large art installation that travels and grows. 5,000 puzzle pieces assembled stand 9’h x 1,250’w. We have more than 10,000 pieces world-wide. 



You can paint, draw, write, collage or mount things onto your puzzle piece(s). There are NO RULES to how you make your puzzle piece(s) but one rule to what you make, don't just make SOMETHING... make something MEANINGFUL TO YOU.



The project was started by the MCAC at the 2009 Monmouth County Teen Arts Festival in Brookdale (NJ) with seed funding by SurfTaco. Our goal is to assemble all pieces from around the world into a super-massive collaborative exhibition that makes art history (Date TBD).


Thousands of people, young and old from across the country and around the world have participated. Individuals come from art groups, organizations, support groups, libraries, schools, universities and corporations. Some are artists, many are not. New groups regularly join the project.



The Puzzle Art Installation & Collaborative Project exists as proof that art is essential to life. Each piece starts out blank, but in the end all the pieces are different… just like all of us. The installation is a powerful form of expression that we will continue to grow and share with others. The Puzzle Project functions as an advocate for the power of art and collaboration. Why? Because ART IS GOOD FOR YOU.  

How can I get involved?

We make it easy for everyone to get involved. Groups can contact Tim Kelly attk@timkellyartist.com for an Art is Good workshop or blank puzzle pieces. Individuals can pick up a piece by appointment at select locations.


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