In this fast-paced world we live and work in, often we don’t slow down enough to connect with others around us. Creative team building allows your group to collaborate on something meaningful and have fun working together. By making art and collaborating together, the shared creative experience forms lasting connections within each group. The artwork created is a tangible product that can be exhibited and celebrated (together). Simply bring your good ideas and the Puzzle Team will bring the rest. It’s easy.

SOME OF OUR PARTICIPATING GROUPS:, Hampton Inn (GM Conference in Orlando), The Marcus Buckingham Company in Beverly Hills, SurfTaco Corporation, Art Connects New York, The Keegan Gallery in DC, agencyEA in Chicago, VSAG in DC, inRivers Art Space in Brooklyn, The Middletown Arts Center, Reaves Gallery in Chelsea and The Queens Museum of Arts.


What are our clients are saying about us?

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SHARON REAVES Reaves Gallery

"I am so grateful to have made the introduction to Tim and the Puzzle Project. We hosted an event for a week. During that time artists of all ages and aspirations came to make or pick up puzzle pieces to create in private on their own. My favorite moment is when the group refused to leave after closing so we spread out blankets and sat in silence finishing our pieces. It was such an inspiration event and brought so much love and good energy into the space."