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Firefly Puzzle Art Mural

May 10, 2017 – with today being a full moon – I thought I would post this beautiful piece of artwork highlighting the moon, stars, and fireflies!  Enjoy!

A Team of Little Picasso’s.

Back in September of 2016, I spent the afternoon at the Children’s Home in Pittsburgh, PA.  I worked with the Child’s Way Children.  Child’s Way is a Pediatric Extended Care Center which offers an alternative or supplement to in-home nursing and therapy care for medically fragile children.  The children range in ages birth to 21 and is run like a typical daycare center.  It’s divided into five classrooms:  infant, younger toddler, older toddler, preschool, and school-age. .I spent the afternoon creating puzzle art with the children.  We decided to do a collaboration piece for the 6th Annual Noe’s Night of Lights, a fundraiser for the Children’s Home, hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Jason and Sherry Ott in memory of their two children Noe and Shay. 

As I watched and helped the young children mix their colors and paint, it really hit me how powerful ART can be.  The children were focused and determined.  Some were non-verbal, so it was crucial that they were able to express themselves thru art. This was a way for them to communicate and be heard.  By expressing themselves through ART they were able to talk to YOU, to ME, to EVERYONE!

The Meaning Behind the Mural

This mural consisted of 23 fireflies, each firefly representing a Child’s Way Child, and two BIG, BRIGHT, fireflies, symbolizing Noe and Shay Ott.  I choose fireflies because they are tiny messengers that whisper in the darkness…”don’t lose hope because magic does exist!”

How was the mural created?

The project was a collaborative piece between the Child’s Way Children and Miss Gabi. All 23 children painted a puzzle piece blue and purple swirls creating the night sky.  Next we (my team) assembled the pieces and mapped out and painted the moon, the star and fireflies.  To add the finishing touches, I added four (4) sets of LED Battery operated lights plus glitter to make it glow! 

This mural clearly has become another beautiful example of how ART heals.  Through the creation of this puzzle art mural, we are able to show a sense of peace, strength and LOVE.

Passion….Art….Unconditional Love….it all goes together.  We were able to make a connection with the children as well as EVERYONE around the world.  Again, the Puzzle Project connects and continues to touch lives and by making a difference with ART.  ART HEALS!  ART IS GOOD FOR YOU!

Written by: Miss Gabi