Why We Think That Art Is Good


Judy Zocchi, Cheryl Farrington Questore & Tim Kelly


Art is Good was born in the Spring of 2008. Judy Zocchi hired Tim Kelly to provide healing arts workshops to the brain tumor support community throughout the Summer of 2008. This photo was taken at MoMA  during first planning  meeting in ‘08. 

Afterward they wrote:


Art is Better Than I Thought…
Judy Zocchi, Founder of The David S. Zocchi Brain Tumor Center

When I first met Tim, I was impressed by his generosity of spirit and his enthusiasm for art. More importantly, I saw how he connected with the kids and teens whose lives had been affected by a family member’s diagnoses of a brain tumor. Immediately I knew he was the person to teach the art classes sponsored by the David S. Zocchi Brain Tumor Center. Then it happened – art happened, fun happened and somehow in the midst of all that, healing happened. I watched as the kids stayed after their class and the teens and the young adults came early to their class. Age wasn’t a factor for this new community of people who were brought together by a similar life experience. I watched as parents started to paint, initially because they were waiting for their children, but that turned into honest participation. It was contagious. Employees from Surf Taco were so inspired that they started to paint. Volunteers from the community would drop by and join in. I just couldn’t resist anymore and I picked up a brush! And then magically it happened, with each stroke, I was able to release some of the grief that I had been carrying around since I lost David. All I can say is “Art is Good”, no let me rephrase that, art is better than I thought!

Certain Things in Life Are Undisputedly Good, Tim Kelly

I met Judy Zocchi during a promotion that The David S. Zocchi Brain Tumor Center was doing with SurfTaco. It immediately impressed me when I learned afterward how much she had accomplished for the Center in such a short period of time (raising funds and building facility). It was hard not to want to help. As we worked together and became friends we began to realize how much we both loved art…we both agreed that art is good. 

Most things that Ms. Zocchi does for the Brain Tumor Center revolve around trying to make life easier on the families of people affected. Judy suggested that we create art classes for kids & teens involved with the Center. I remember her eyes lighting up as she recommended it to me. So I began to develop a lesson plan, create materials and call my artist friends to volunteer. SurfTaco generously provides the fun space for our workshops. Together we’ve gotten the ball rolling and have been gaining momentum ever since. Everyone involved has been so amazing. The families motivation and courage despite all they have been through, is truly inspirational. 

Throughout our many workshops and exhibitions, I have learned much more about life than I have taught about art. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I feel blessed to know everyone involved. Art really is good.