Collaboration is a Beautiful Thing

(by Tim Kelly)

Art is Good Creative Workshops are a great tool for team-building. Corporations, organizations and arts groups have utilized them to strengthen connections between team members. By making art and collaborating together, the shared creative experience forms lasting connections within each group. Each participant creates something meaningful (to them). Your team will learn a little bit about each other and may even learn a little about themselves. The Art is Good Team will bring the art supplies... your people simply need to bring their good ideas.

Creating together is a fun, meaningful activity that your group will always remember.

Creating together is a fun activity that your group will always remember.

The artwork created is a tangible product that can be exhibited at your office, headquarters or locally (and celebrated). The process of discussing each others artwork adds depth and meaning to the creative experience.


It is a great Summer Team-Building activity. Try it, you will like it. Book an Art is Good Creative Workshop Today!