The Art-Love-Triangle

(by Tim Kelly)

The Art-Love-Triangle

The end goal of most creative workshops is to exhibit and celebrate the artwork created during Art is Good. The coming together of artists, art and beholders is an important part of the Art is Good experience about art and you.  

art, artist & beholder

The interaction between beholder and artist may be a simple glance of approval, an honest compliment or a sincere question.  The dialog about what has been created, both stokes the confidence of the artist and may inspire the beholder to create their own art.  Sometimes, the beholder finds meaning within the art that is not stated by the artist.  Looking at artwork often evokes a feeling or an emotion. Talking about it adds life to the art.


Art, artist and beholder.  These three elements together are what makes the exhibition experience so important.  It is a way of looking back and reveling in what has been made. It gives context to what has been created and why. It is an artful celebration. It is another reason why Art is Good.